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Nolita Restaurant Florence

Something To Starts.

Tuscan Salumi with crostini


Tuscan cured meats with crouton seasoned with liver pate, sausage and stracchino cheese.

Vegetable Flan on Cheese Cream


Seasonal vegetable flan with pecorino cheese cream

Smoked Marlin Carpaccio

Smoked Fish Marlin carpaccio with aragula & lime

Bresaola with Parmesan & Salad


Beef Bresaola with aragula and parmeasan cheese.

Unforgettable Pasta.

Mugellana Potato Tortello*


Potato Pasta Tortello topped with Tuscan beef sauce

Carrettiera Pennette


Pasta with tomato, garlic, spicy pepper and parsley 

Seafood Risotto *


Risotto with seafood (squid, mussels, shrimps, clams)

Norcina Potato Gnocchetti*


Potatoes gnocchi trouffle flavored with sausage

Our Main Course.

Served with a side dish to chose

Beef Tagliata


Sliced beef steak with black pepper and rosemary

Curry Chicken


Curry Chicken, potatoes and steam basmati rice

Grenobloise Seabass Fillet*


Seabass fish fillet with capers and lemon sauce 

Her Highness la Fiorentina

€45 x kg

Fiorentina steak.

Add extra side


Gourmet Pinsa.

36 hours leavened

La Pinsa, or Roman pizza has ancient origins too: it was born in ancient Rome. The term pinsa comes from the Latin “pinsere” that is to lengthen. In fact the typical pinsa has an elongated shape. The pinsa today: it is made with a mixture of flours, including rice and soy that have a high protein content and a low glycemic index. All this makes the Roman Pinsa digestible, light and crunchy

Pinsa Italia*


36 hours leavened Pinsa with mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil.

Pinsa Crudo*


36 hours leavened Pinsa with raw ham, Tuscan cheese stracchino, cherry tomatoes and basil 

Pinsa Norcino*


36 hours leavened Pinsa with, melted Tuscan cheese “Pecorino”, pork sausage and sliced fresh tomato

Pinsa Seafood*


36 hours leavened Pinsa with Tuscan cheese stracchino, seafood ((squid, mussels, shrimps, clams) and cherry tomatoes