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Nolita Restaurant Florence

Something To Starts.

Mexican Nachos


Sweet corn chips with cheddar chees fondue

Squid Salad*


Steam potatoes, black olives, basil, fontina cheese, celery and tomato

Home made meatballs*


Beef & Pork fried meatballs

Crudo & mozzarella


Raw ham with buffalo mozzarella

Caprese salad


Tomato, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil

Unforgettable Pasta.

Classic meatballs spaghetti*


Home made spaghetti with meatballs & tomato sauce

Ragout garganelli*


Home made pasta with meat ragout & tomato “Tuscany” sauce

Pesto sauce Trofie*


Trofie pasta with fresh “pesto” basil sauce & steam potatoes 

Our Main Course.

Served with a side dish to chose

Pulled pork*


bread, tomato, cheddar cheese, lettuce serve with baked potatoes

Curry Chicken*


Curry Chicken, potatoes and steam basmati rice

Beef Hamburger*


bread, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo served with baked potatoes 

Grill picanha*


Grilled 250 gr. beef “picanha” cut served with steam basmati rice and fried potatoes

Grill pollo*


Grilled 250 gr. chicken breast, rosemary flavored

Grill spiedoni*


Grilled skewers with turkey, chicken and pork served with baked potatoes

Thyme salmon steak*


Salmon thyme flavored served with sauteed buttered potatoes

Add extra side


Mixed grilled vegetables (pepper, zucchinis & eggplant)

Mixed fresh salad (lettuce & tomato)

Steam potatoes with fresh parsley


Garden Lounge Salad


Black olives, anchovies, lettuce, tuna, tomatoes, boiled eggs & potatoes

Caesar Salad*


Chicken, lettuce, parmeasan cheese & croutons

Gourmet Pinsa.

36 hours leavened

La Pinsa, or Roman pizza has ancient origins too: it was born in ancient Rome. The term pinsa comes from the Latin “pinsere” that is to lengthen. In fact the typical pinsa has an elongated shape. The pinsa today: it is made with a mixture of flours, including rice and soy that have a high protein content and a low glycemic index. All this makes the Roman Pinsa digestible, light and crunchy

Pinsa Italia*


36 hours leavened Pinsa with buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil

Pinsa Crudo*


36 hours leavened Pinsa with raw ham, buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and anchovies

Pinsa Norcino*


36 hours leavened Pinsa with pulled pork, cheddar, tomatoes and olives

Pinsa Pesto*


36 hours leavened Pinsa with basil pesto sauce, buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes




Pistacchio cake


Sacher cake


Fresh Fruit Salad